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staur [userpic]
by staur (staur)
at October 19th, 2006 (10:43 pm)
current song: Instrumental #4 - Syd Barrett

Does anyone have (or can anyone make) a soundbyte of Roger saying "I'd like to think oysters transcend national barriers" from the Live at Pompeii DVD?

Thanks if you can share!

Space Cowboy [userpic]
by Space Cowboy (madcap_ox)
at October 16th, 2006 (07:28 pm)

A rather large request, I admit...
But can anyone post
Tree Full of Secrets
Have You Got It Yet?

I can offer almost any Floyd album in return for the favour, as well as a few bootlegs and Roger Waters solo material.
(Including, fairly soon, a few of his live performances from recent concerts.)

Thank you in advance.


Shine on you Crazy Diamond....
by I. M. Bordendazed (bordendazed)
at July 11th, 2006 (09:58 am)

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett (January 6, 1946 – July 7, 2006)

The reclusive co-founder of Pink Floyd has died.

It was announced this morning.


Rest in Peace, finally.

by deleted (ritchiem4812)
at June 26th, 2006 (04:36 pm)

Could someone please upload for me The Final Cut and Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81? In return I can upload any Pink Floyd album besides those two. Thank you

Geoffrey [userpic]
by Geoffrey (aclockworkapple)
at June 9th, 2006 (03:59 pm)

current mood: amused

I just got my yearbook, and for Magic Club--yes, the card game, no less--for one of four pictures used to represent the club, they had to use the one with a close-up of a guy wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. The caption: Rockin "The Wall".


Update: There is also a picture of a (pretty) girl wearing a Pink Floyd shirt on the Interact club page. But there's no note made of it and it's a weird DSOTM shirt so you can't really see the text.

Geoffrey [userpic]
by Geoffrey (aclockworkapple)
at May 8th, 2006 (07:08 pm)

Did anyone notice Wikipedia's Featured Article of the Day for today?

Geoffrey [userpic]
by Geoffrey (aclockworkapple)
at April 24th, 2006 (10:12 pm)

Is anyone else TOTALLY PSYCHED that Roger Waters, after a six-year hiatus, is going ON-TOUR in the USA??!

I doubt that we'll get a live album out of this one, but it should be AWESOME, considering that I didn't even know that Pink Floyd existed the last time he played anything live.

Too bad Ticketmaster is auctioning off all the good seats to the rich people before they even go on-sale. Well, there's a pre-sale on, but it's only for American Express card-holders. Hopefully no one here has AE and lives near the Hollywood Bowl...:-)


Geoffrey [userpic]
ATTN: All LA-area Gilmour fans!
by Geoffrey (aclockworkapple)
at April 16th, 2006 (07:40 pm)
current song: "To One In Paradise" - Alan Parsons Project

This is related to Pink Floyd; is it still spam?


Edit: Scratch that, it just sold. But if the mod's reading this, is it cool to do stuff like this, for future reference?

Vegetable man, where are you?
by I. M. Bordendazed (bordendazed)
at March 22nd, 2006 (08:03 pm)

One of Syd's last interviews, Thirty Five years ago..

"Why don't you go out on your own playing acoustic? I think you might be very successful.

S.B.: Yeah...thatUs nice. Well, I've only got an electric. I've got a black Fender which needs replacing. I haven't got any blue jeans...I really prefer electric music."

Complete text:


Geoffrey [userpic]
by Geoffrey (aclockworkapple)
at March 18th, 2006 (05:58 pm)

Did anyone notice that pinkfloyd.ws uploaded A Tree Full of Secrets in its entirety? For those of you that aren't that far into the whole RoIO scene, or just haven't heard of this set, that's 18 discs of rareties!


Does anyone know of a program that can quickly download all the files in a page like that?

I'll upload something soon. Does anyone know of the bootleg Holes in the Sky? I was thinking about buying it on eBay.

Edit: By the way, as far as I know, NOT the same as Black Holes in the Sky.

See here: http://pinkroioart.myftp.org/1975-06-28%20-%20Holes%20In%20The%20Sky/blackh75.jpg