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staur [userpic]
A Collection of Great Bootlegs
by staur (staur)
at July 13th, 2008 (03:31 am)

Cruel But Fair : Wish You Were Here-era bootleg. Contains "Sheep" and "Dogs" before they were "Sheep" and "Dogs".

Who Was Trained Not to Spit On the Fan
: The infamous concert in which Roger Waters became so alienated that he spit on a fan in the crowd. Said fan helped inspire "the Wall".

The Final Cut Demos : Self explanatory. The demos of the FC album...in my opinion almost better than the album itself.

Careful With That Axe, Eugene (live in Zurich) : My absolute favorite rendition of CWTAE.


staur [userpic]
by staur (staur)
at December 8th, 2007 (06:37 pm)

Uploaded a bit more of HYGIY, though some of the later discs have quite a bit of fluff to them, so I probably won't be uploading discs 18 (all tribute songs) and 19 (a collection of Syd fakes). Also, I can't upload disc 5 because my copy of the files are corrupt, but it's just a radio program over Syd, none of Syd's actual stuff.

Disc 6
Disc 7
Disc 8
Disc 9
Disc 10
Disc 11 - This is a picture disc...pretty much every picture of Syd you'd ever need or want, in addition to pics of his artwork, studio session contact sheets, and other odds and ends.
Disc 15 - "Let's Do It Another Way"; various artist rendition of Syd and early Pink Floyd songs.

Discs 16 and 17 are all videos which are quite a bit larger than songs, so those may take a while to get to. I might only do them if people really want them.

(x-posted to syd_barrett)

staur [userpic]
Have You Got It Yet?
by staur (staur)
at December 8th, 2007 (03:41 am)
current mood: busy

I've decided to upload the infamous HYGIY in stages...because it's something you just gotta share.

HYGIY Tracklist

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4

That's all for now, but rest assured I'll be trying to upload the rest of the 19 discs in stages. Format for songs will either be mp3 or iTunes. If you don't have iTunes, just download the player...it's free. It may take longer to get the video discs up just because the movie formats are much larger than song formats, but I'll try to get everything for you guys.

(x-posted to syd_barrett)

K [userpic]
at July 8th, 2007 (09:34 pm)

Does anyone want the Roger Waters performance from Live Earth?

here you goCollapse )

Graham [userpic]
by Graham (grimble_gromble)
at May 28th, 2007 (10:54 am)

Hi People :)

I just thought i'd let you all people know that for a very limited time, the ubermassive bootleg A Treeful Of Secrets will be up on my forum Shine On within the next day or two - i've decided to share it with as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, as a rule you will have to register on the forum to access it - this is because none of us staff want people just taking from the forum without giving something back - it's only fair ;) There are a few other bootlegs avalable there too, so feel free to browse :) The link to the forum is via http://shineon.proboards79.com or through our (under construction) website www.shineon.uk.com

I'm telling you this for two reasons: 1, because i think everyone should have the chance to own it, and 2, because i originally obtained it from this community, so i feel i should return the favour.

Hope to see some of you there soon! :)

Danielle [userpic]
Requests and videos
by Danielle (satya)
at May 7th, 2007 (12:06 am)

Hey everybody. :)

I was wondering if anyone has the following albums: “Tonite Let's All Make Love in London” (1968) and Roger’s "The Body" (music from the film).
If so, I'd be forever thankful if anyone could point me to them or maybe upload them?

I bring some videos...I think everyone has them but...

Early Pink Floyd videos, pt.01Collapse )

The post you have all been waiting for....
by deleted (ritchiem4812)
at December 6th, 2006 (11:16 pm)

Pink Floyd - A Tree Full of Secrets

Information and artwork

Disc 01 | Disc 02 | Disc 03
Disc 04 | Disc 05 | Disc 06
Disc 07 | Disc 08 | Disc 09
Disc 10 | Disc 11 | Disc 12
Disc 13 | Disc 14 | Disc 15
Disc 16 | Disc 17 | Disc 18

If links expire, I'm not uploading again. It took all of my computer time since Monday morning to upload this. I don't know if anything is missing or not. It's all I got. Oh, and people who don't comment: YOU SUC!K I hope you all enjoy!!!

by deleted (ritchiem4812)
at November 30th, 2006 (09:18 pm)

current mood: weird
current song: Pink Floyd - Who Was Trained Not to Spit on the Fan

Okay, I just started working on Tree Full of Secrets from this post. I think a few of the songs are missing, but I can't tell. I'm just going to upload it as is and let you guys sort it out. It's too much for me to do right now. But I feel bad for not uploading it yet. But, also I came here with a request. I love live Pink Floyd and I was wondering if anyone had some Pink Floyd bootleg they'd like to share with me? I have:

April 28, 1972
BBC Archives
Earls Court May 19, 1973
Interstellar Encore
Live At The Wembly November 11th 1974
Paris Theatre, London July 16 1970
Studio Outtakes & Demos 1971-1972
The Great Gig on the Moon
Who Was Trained Not to Spit on the Fan

So yes, not too many. I also have all of Pink Floyd's studio albums if you guys would like something from that too. Again, I'm sorry about the delay.

Serious question
by deleted (ritchiem4812)
at October 27th, 2006 (12:06 am)

Today I recieved a couple CDs in the mail containing Pink Floyd's A Tree Full of Secrets. It's less than 2 GBs to upload and it'd probably take me a few days to upload. So, the question is: WHO WANTS IT??! I'm only going to upload it if I get 20 people saying they want it.

Thank you, staur!!

staur [userpic]
by staur (staur)
at October 19th, 2006 (10:43 pm)
current song: Instrumental #4 - Syd Barrett

Does anyone have (or can anyone make) a soundbyte of Roger saying "I'd like to think oysters transcend national barriers" from the Live at Pompeii DVD?

Thanks if you can share!

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